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Authentic Who's Frankie Lavender Sage Bundle

Authentic Who's Frankie Lavender Sage Bundle

Authentically and sustainably harvested within the Native American community with prayer, tobacco offerings, and respect for mother earth! Filled with healing energy and the upmost honor for this sacred herb. Straight from indigenous hands to yours! Healing is meant to be shared, and we must be in tune with its roots. In order to truly get the benfits of this cleansing herb for yourself or space, please read below. Usage & Reccomendation:Sage is coveted by many indigenous cultures around the world because of its incredibly healing and cleansing properties. Now one of the most popular cleansing tools in the world, it is important to understand its values when in use. In order to conduct a proper smudging ceremony, you must hold this herb in high regard, as well as the cultures who discovered the power within its roots. This herb is not a toy, or to be taken lightly and needs the proper respect when conducting a ceremony. It is recommended to use with either your hands or a smudging feather. It is said to never use a lighter when lighting sage, but to use matches, hempwick or other. Start by these tips: Do not blow on the sage, as that will blow away the spirit of the herb. Fan the flames/smoke only with hands or feather.  Cleanse your hands with the smoke as if you were washing them in water. Once your hands are cleansed, you may use the sage with a sweeping motion of your hand or feather, as if you were putting it directly onto/over your body. You may do this the same for your space.  Fast strokes are for cleasing negative energy and slower/longer strokes are for bringing peace. You may do either or a combination of both.When your smudging ceremony is complete, thank the herb for its assitance, as well as the creator who gave this sacred healing to the earth for us to use. Storage:Always store your sage in high places, as the energy does not do well close to the ground. This purchase directly benefits the Indigenous communities.
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